Meet the Artisans

meet the artisans

Living Imprints hand block printed linens are created by 12 artisans (8 men and 4 women) in a workshop in Sanganer, Northern India. Sanganer is located outside of Jaipur, an area famous for textile printing and the handmade paper industry. Sanganer prints are one of a kind and Living Imprints linens are made using the same traditional hand-block printing process that has been in place for centuries.

Half of the men in the workshop learned the art of block printing from their fathers, who learned from their fathers, and many more generations past. The younger members of the workshop migrated to the area with their families to learn the craft.

The blocks that are used to create the patterns on the linens are carved by a different group of artisans in Sanganer.


Anjana: Designer, Head of Workshop

block print master craftsman

Mr. Dwarika Prasad - Master Craftsman

block printer

Mr. Satish - Block Printer

block printing

Mr. Jitendra - Block Printer

block printer

Mr. Murarai Lal - Block Printer

women artisans

Mrs. Kalawati & Mrs. Maya Devi - Quality Control

Mr. Rakesh - Block Printer

block printer

Mr. Sanjay - Block Printer

block printer

Mr. Vidhyasharan - Block Printer

block printer

Mr. Ramprasad - Block Printer


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