The Art of Block Printing


the art of block printing text

All Living Imprints linens are produced by artisans using a traditional method of hand-block printing that has been an important art in the Rajasthan region of India for generations. If you look closely, you can sometimes identify the borders of the blocks and verify the handmade process. Each piece is a true work of art! Our designs are exclusive and unique to Living Imprints.

If you would like to create a custom or private label design, please contact us.

It takes 4 artisans over 30 minutes to create the center of one rectangle tablecloth. On average, each table linen has 4 colors, plus an outline.

From start to finish, it takes up to 10 days to create each tablecloth. First, the border is laid down, then the outline is printed for the center, and finally each color is layered to create the overall pattern. After printing, the ink dries, the linen is washed and hemmed.

block printing wood blocks

Block carving is a traditional craft in Sanganer that takes a steady hand and a quick eye. Artisans use only a nail and a piece of wood to carve intricate details into a slice of wood, typically sheesham.

wood block carving
wood block carving
wood block carving